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Medical Screening & Health Promotion

Economic Empowerment

Our direct impact on economic development 

Access to Water

Partnering for access to Clean Water


Committed to providing educational opportunities


Medical Screening & Health Promotion
We prioritize preventive health initiatives to empower communities and promote healthier lifestyles. We aim to change behaviors and empower individuals in selected villages and towns through health screenings, seminars, and educational sessions.

Training of Health Workers 
We believe in ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all ages. This involves increasing health financing and focusing on recruiting, developing, training, and retaining health workers, particularly in the least developed communities.

Medical Equipment / Surgical Supplies Donation
The D.D.F. will donate essential medical supplies, surgical equipment, and computers to health institutions in the Atwima Nwabiagya community. This includes items such as first aid kits, monitors, hospital beds, surgical sets, ventilators, nebulizers, and more.

Economic Empowerment

Digital Agriculture
Technology changes everything. It’s a maxim especially true in the developing world. Access to the same information and resources enjoyed by large farms can level the playing field for struggling rural farmers. We put hyper-localized, data-driven information in the hands of local agronomists and farmers to help them make and keep to 7-year plans to improve their crop yields. This technology is delivered by more than 30 trained Agricultural Community Agents, who can reach anywhere from 150 to 1,000 farmers in a year.

Technology and Digital Training
The digital economy rapidly transforms the employment landscape across industries, including financial services, health, entertainment, transportation, and information and communication technologies (I.C.T.s). As a result, Digital skills are increasingly required in workplaces worldwide. Moreover, there will be tens of millions of jobs for people with advanced digital skills in the coming years, with some economies predicting a talent gap for workers with advanced digital skills and others ranking I.C.T. specialists among their fastest-growing roles.
Our goal is to accelerate youth’s careers in the communities with online digital skills courses in everything from coding to A.I. and beyond.
– Coding boot camps leverage their ties with employers to obtain job placements for their graduates
– Equipping young people in and out of school with basic or advanced digital skills promises to prepare them for unprecedented job opportunities in the digital economy.
– Free digital skills courses for all levels

Funding for Job Creation
In poor communities, women run the household, but husbands control the money. And in these areas, money is primarily in the form of coins and paper. That’s cash that always seems to have a way of getting spent, not saved for life’s emergencies or children’s education. Our goal is to create micro-credit schemes for women in the villages and communities surrounding the Atwima community.

By implementing these initiatives, the Dr. Dennis Foundation aims to create a lasting impact and transform lives in Atwima and beyond. Together, we can empower individuals and communities to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

Access to Water

Partnering for Clean Water

Many villages in Atwima lack access to clean drinking water, impacting over 100,000 people, including vulnerable children. We aim to collaborate with philanthropists and organizations to support drilling 10 boreholes, ensuring a reliable water supply for these communities.


1000 Engineers in Atwima Project
The D.D.F. plans to train 1000 engineers in Atwima over ten years to address youth unemployment and foster economic and social stability. These engineers will contribute to their community and inspire development and economic empowerment.

Scholarship Initiative
We are committed to providing educational opportunities for brilliant youth in Atwima. Each year, we aim to award 10 scholarships, ensuring access to education regardless of background, gender, or learning constraints.

School Library + Computer Lab
The D.D.F. seeks funding for library and computer lab projects in selected districts. Our goals include renovating the library building, providing electricity, furnishing the facility with shelves, desks, and chairs, donating books, and setting up a small computer lab.

Urinals for Schools
To improve hygiene and safety, the D.D.F. aims to raise funds to construct new urinals in schools. The current facilities are inadequate and pose risks to over 200 students. We seek support from individual donors and companies to address this issue.

Help for Underprivileged Kids
We are dedicated to supporting underprivileged children attending public schools. Through collaboration with teachers and school authorities, we identify those in need and provide essential school materials such as exercise books, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, and geometric tools, ensuring no child is deprived of basic education due to financial constraints.

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